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How to cure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf harvest for red, green, and white strains.


How to cure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf harvest for red, green, and white strains.

How to cure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf harvest for red, green, and white strains.  – REMEMBER STEM VEIN COLOR DOES NOT EQUAL END MATERIAL COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!With that out of the way curing is a drying method.
————————————————————————————————————–(ADHD version of this guide)
1. Place clippings in brown paper bag first to remove majority of moisture. The dry material will be cured GREEN. Do not stack leaves ruffle them up spread them out.

2. Take your dried green cure out in a few days and put it in a clear plastic bag with one end cracked open in bright intense light to create a RED cure.

3. if you want a YELLOW/WHITE cure leave your green in very intense light outside of a plastic bag, or in a clear ziplock bag with one end open and very low humidity.

How to cure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf harvest for red, green, and white strains.

Get the word “strain” out of your mind, in the Mitragyna Speciosa world the meaning of “Strain” is not anything like what it means in “cannabis culture”. “Kratom Strains” may or may not mean an exact genetic profile of a single clone line containing plants propagated for various rare beneficial traits.

Most likely your Kratom “Strain” is something a hard working honest processed flour vendor, or reseller came up with for marketing purposes.

In the live plant world if you’re looking for red bali plants or Green elephant plants, or even white Rhino plants you’re setting yourself up to get scammed.

Yes, there are clone lines that absolutely must maintain the same names, no matter how strange they sound, but there are only three documented in the USA. The three clone lines we maintain are well understood. Their names might get confused but the main thing is their place of origin. All current plants we sell have been genetically documented. We worked with a few friendly very kind university researchers who wanted nothing in return but to bring the community more information on how to grow these. Our trees now have digital DNA. We maintain them so you can also research them.

All other live plants sold in the USA and abroad are usually seedlings from indonesian seed. If you grew from seed your plant isn’t a Rifat, Bumblebee, or Pink Indo clone lines. Clones only come from cuttings.

Now that we have trained our brains off the word strain and have a better understanding of phenotypes we can learn how to create the color variations we want disregarding half thoughts noobie vendor myths and of course indo farmer myths.

To make it simpler from this point on I’ll only be calling variations of live plants “Phenotype” which is typically the same name as it’s clone line name if it is a clone. non clone lines would use the standard location based naming.

In the retail world of Kratom Cure material “strain” names are sometimes called “vendor names” Their product can be anything from anywhere, but honest vendors usually make some attempt to use The typical boring naming method format of 1.Place of manufacture, and 2. Cure color of flour material.

Some strains of flour harvest material can be randomly named this isn’t necessarily always bad. I have no info on how often vendors may rename for marketing, but as long as they’re not renaming live plant clone lines this doesn’t matter because harvest leaf cure material can have very different characteristics after it is cured.

(A beneficial attribute of this vendor marketing is If a new product has a defect the vendor knows what batch and can reject entire orders instead of having large quantities of polluted stock. To the consumer Kratom Strain “vendor names” help them recognize and disregard a bad brand especially if it’s manufactured incorrectly.) As a utilitarian I see value in vendor named strains.

Many “Strains” can come from the same plant, but each known phenotype of mitragyna has a very unique alkaloid content. So if we took 3 plants and the variety of colors from where the brown bag harvest starts at a dark green to every lighter shade down to red and down to orange and deeper still to bright peach and pinks and lighter colors down until yellow... how many strains???? I need a mathematician my head hurts =D

Therefore artistic interpretation by vendors of their processed flour product and it’s naming scheme is not a threat to the community because it is beneficial. Honest vendors should avoid marketing names like “Super maeng xxx da lava red Terminator waffle strain of absolute best etc etc..” because it just might cause confusion with K2 or other gas station branded chemically altered plant material. There is nothing wrong with a boring name.

How to cure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf harvest for red, green, and white strains.
This is an experiment we ran with a mix of phenotypes of all the three main clone lines in the USA. The test shows how the color changes within the variations of of possible artificial curing methods. The sealed control bag was kept in the dark within
a brown paper bag.

You can buy any phenotype of plant and cure the material to red green or yellow/white Although the alkaloid content may be very different from a plant you are used to from indonesia if you try a plant from Thailand. Farmers don’t even use this color scale method as a method to determine if the plant has strong alkaloids. The method Farmers use to determine high alkaloids is bitterness of fresh leaves.

In the USA there are currently 3 distinct clone lines. Here I list their most common names with their stem vein dominance colors and region of origin.

Rifat (Red, yellow, green),Represents genetics from Thailand
Bumblebee (white, Green), Represents genetics from Malaysia.
Pink Indo (RED, Yellow), Represents genetics from indonesia.

The 4th variation of plants in the USA are from Wild grown seed (Vein could be anything and you can’t tell potency until they mature in a few months/years)

These are the steps I use to dry and cure.

I like to first place fresh leaves in to a brown paper bag. This removes the majority of the moisture. You can use a string box, or hang them up on string around your house if you like. I’m pretty utilitarian and feel that putting them in a paper bag and hanging them up in a window on a coat hanger clip is quick and easy method. You should ruffle up the leaves in a few days making sure there are no clumps of moist material in the center of your harvest pile bags.

Do not stack leaves up neatly put them in ruffled up and spread out.

Brown paper bags hanging inside from a window like this is a perfect leaf drying apparatus. The bag protects the material from fungal spores in the air and lets the moisture naturally wick off the harvest material.



No matter what color you want you first need to cure your material to a Green
start by putting fresh leaf material in Brown bag for a few days.

To make the Cure red you will need to put the green cured leaves into a clear plastic bag. (I highly suggest to cure them green first and not move on to this step if they are fresh or moist in the least bit.)

If you skip of removing the moisture in a brown paper bag, you will most likely end up with mold and a failed harvest. Leave one end of your clear ziplock open and put the bag in intense warm light.

To cure the material to a yellow or white Leave your leaves out in intense light to dry with no bag or open the bag up to create very low humidity

The light curing process can take a few days or weeks depending on Light intensity, Temperature and humidity in your area.

The artificial lighting test we ran took about 30-60 days. At 30 days color showed in most depending on the dominance of the leaf vein color. The leaf vein color can very in many of these depending on the PH humidity and nutrient availability.

How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation


How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation

How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation

How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation

STOP STOP STOP right there!!!! This method is ONLY for plants with a main stem girth of at least 10mm (Main stem should be about the width of a typical black sharpie marker). This method can kill smaller plants, or stress them out and stunt their overall growth for a few weeks or months..

Although we have had plants as small as 4mm re-foliate in humidity tubs with heat mats. We don’t suggest this EXPERIMENTAL METHOD OF HARVESTING at all for small starter plants WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! and that is your warning!! you have all been warned!!!

For all larger plants this method should also NOT be used if your plants have just arrived in the mail or have just been transplanted, if they have root rot, PH damage, Nutrient Lockout, or if it’s just really dry and hot I REPEAT DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS METHOD..we will not be responsible for damage!!! Attempt at your own risk!

If your plants show lots of yellow starved leaves you should wait until you see some fresh healthy green growth before attempting this.. Please give your new plants several weeks or months before even thinking about doing this method if they have just arrived..

How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation
Full defoliation of some 15-20mm stem girth plants.
How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation
The same plants 30 days later..

Now to the nitty Gritty..

The method is very simple and aside from all the warnings we have had great success Simply remove all the leaves, and if you see dried leaf material or old terminal bud leaves (duckbill leaf bits) that are brown you can remove them with a toothbrush or small paintbrush to really keep your plant healthy looking.. Dead leaf waste harbors insects and draws them in as they rot.. so always clean up your area really well.

How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation
Another garden various size test plants re-foliating after a week
How to harvest Mitragyna Speciosa Defoliation
Not the greatest picture but here we can see a few weeks later they are coming back in just fine.

Keep the humidity as high as possible hot high intensity high UV lights ARE NOT NECESSARY!
Purple Full spectrum LED lights are not recommended to be used alone and for best results we have found it beneficial to have supplemental white lighting in the 5000-6500k range. 2000 Lumens minimum for best response. Keep it around 80-85F and as high as humidity as possible ensuring your plants are thoroughly watered through the entire 30 day process, or it may take longer to refoliate.

The Re-foliated plants will be fuller and bushier after each harvest month. Enjoy this method but beware it should only be used on larger plants that are healthy.

DO NOT TOUCH the branches as they refoliate..

The new buds forming are microscopic.. IF YOU CONSTANTLY TOUCH YOUR DEFOLIATED PLANT YOU WILL KNOCK OFF ALL THE FORMING BUDS. It is ok to spray horticultural oil solutions on to the defoliated plants in very low strength doses every 3 days as usual for standard mite and insect control.

(Harvest leaves should be placed into a brown paper bag and hung up in a window for a few days.. don’t lay leaf material flat.. fluff it up! Check it every other day and if you get any bunches spread them out so the moisture can escape naturally so mold cannot form within the clumps of harvest material.. See our “Leaf curing guide” for more info on how to make different color strains from your harvested material.) Enjoy!

How to Pot Kratom Plants


How to Pot Kratom Plants

How to Pot Kratom Plants

How to Pot Kratom Plants

The problem that many growers of equatorial tropicals (like Mitragyna Speciosa or Kava kava) run into is that some pots don’t have any drainage. Other pots may have a built in reservoir/saucer, but it may be very small and not retain much if any water. These types of equatorial tropical plants typically need to be very swampy, humid and kept at 70F-85F with a RH of about 70-90%. Plants like Mitragyna Speciosa can be damaged from sudden humidity changes that will turn your plant or just it’s leaves into mush.

Correct pots with holes allow beneficial bacteria to interact within the rhizosphere of the plant to generate more available food sources. This bacterial boost aids in delivery of nutrients to the rhizome for efficient root, leaf and stem production to take place. So you don’t want to drown this region of the plant. (see illustration below so you don’t drown your plants)

When roots are kept inside a pot that has no drainage the PH will rise as the plant eats and the environment for the roots will become toxic. The plant will slowly get nutrient deficiency symptoms as the roots putrefy.

Watering on the outer saucer or tub will ensure a healthy root system with the correct PH and a higher oxygen environment that is toxic to pathogenic bacteria that could harm the roots.

Never water directly onto the soil.
Watering directly into the pot, onto the soil is bad because doing so will remove the aeration that is necessary for a stable environment for beneficial bacteria.

Watering directly onto the topsoil of a potted plant can also cause erosion damage which will expose roots kill small root hairs with the sunlight and possibly damage the Rhizome (kinda like the brains of the plant) which will cause a slowdown of growth, invite bugs, and cause unwanted disease into your root system.

How to Pot Kratom Plants

How to Pot Kratom Plants

Here is our “A” method to determine correct water depth

Correct water depth is necessary to keep tropical plants healthy and active.

Although some plants are very tolerant to overwatering they will eventually start to show signs of slowed growth and lower nutrient absorption manifested in smaller thinner leaves with yellowing on the edges or in the ribs of the leaves.

Lowering the water level to the correct level will show full green new growth.

Neglecting to water will almost always cause wilting followed by a full defoliation which in my experience over the years kills smaller plants instantly. Larger plants can often recover from the wilted stage by placing them in higher humidity of close to 90% RH and maintaining correct water level and PH of 5.8 Review of Kratom


Customer fresh kratom leaf

Review for a real one 💛 (in comments) from Vendorsofkratom

I’m sure some of you have seen my other posts showing off my fresh leaf I was dabbling with. Well in my dabbling, I discovered (was informed) how the age of the tree, and how it’s grown, can make a large difference in quality of the leaf. This guy /kratomroll aka kratomleaf dot US, who’s running an absolutely epic project, took the time to explain to me how different his fresh leaf was compared to what I was getting. I’m sure y’all have seen his comments here and there and assumed he’s just another company promoter on this sub. But he’s got a genuine love for this plant. They’re dedicating, and volunteering, alot of time and effort to have the best American grown plants (incoming comments about American grown kratom being a novelty lmao.) But yeah the guys trees are 3-4 times as old as the other American growers I was getting from. His quality in leaf was dark green and you could tell they were picked and immediately sent off, unlike the last pic of the brown wilting leaves I got from a previous company I was digging. So yeah to sum it up. His leaf blew the other company out of the water. He was able to work with me on a sample pack and also mentioned to me that the prices on his leaf may be going down. Just to mention, they don’t take any money for themselves, it’s all dumped back into the nursery to keep things growing and flowing! I’m a fella who lives to help people heal with plants. It’s literally my job. If your looking for quality fresh leaf, hit these guys up! You’ll be supporting local growers and if he keeps the same quality of customer service as he did with me, you’ll be very satisfied! The imported red Indonesian was pretty damn good too, I’m not really a dark red guy though. Also, don’t be a shill. I’m sure your already wondering if I’m one or not but nah, like I said, I really love helping people heal with plants !

Kratom Vendor Review – 22 Vendors


(UPDATED) Kratom Vendor Review – 22 Vendors

Price to quality ratio is a heavy factor in our ratings of each vendor, and each one is rated based on a five-star system (Ex: *, **, ***) 1 being the worst experience, 5 being the best, and are also in the order of which we would recommend. Ratings are based on prices (shipping factor including), customer service, and quality of product collectively.

Be aware that this is an opinion post – not fact. What works best for us may not work well for you. Also worth mentioning that a lower star rating does NOT indicate that the vendor is just awful, it is ONLY indicative of our PERSONAL experience and opinion.

We conducted this study over a period of several months, partly because we have nothing better to do, but also because we love kratom (when it’s good) and there are a lot of individuals new to speciosa that only have vendors reviewing themselves to go off of on their journey. The aim here is to help them find the best quality product at the best prices, through reliable vendors.


– Blue Magic – (*) – TERRIBLE quality. If we could give them half a star, we would. We bought this during a dry spell where we were waiting for our next shipment that got delayed. Its often sold in headshops and gas stations, and is a massive waste of money. You’ve never heard of it? Yeah. This is why.


– Hudson Valley Botanicals (Garuda) – (**) – Product arrived dry and with a dusty smell. Prices are affordable; however, the product is definitely not well kept. A look at their site shows product sitting since 2018.

– Delta Extracts – (**) – Prices are reasonable, but the quality doesn’t stand out. Its right there alongside Crisp Kratom for us – potential to be more in terms of prices, but the quality destroys that potential. We still have several bags from these guys lying around for desperate times. It’s really not necessarily that Delta is just that bad, it’s a consistency issue. We would recommend them for users in need of a tolerance break though.

– Crisp Kratom – (**) – Oh Crisp.. how the mighty have fallen. Probably one of the biggest disappointments on this list. Very overpriced – which would normally be indicative of promising product. Seemingly good quality and immaculate packaging, but little to no effect after two different orders and spaced semi daily use. Would be more reasonable if priced more efficiently, could even be a three-star vendor, but they drop the ball when it comes to prices. For what its worth, we did dip back into our stock a few times over the last week, and we did have a slightly better experience, but only enough to bump them up one slot. We hope to see Crisp rise back to their heights of early 2021, but as of late, we are doubtful. Anything could happen though!


– Kratom Distro – (***) – Excellent prices, and decent product. We say decent because of the 7 strains we tried, only 3 really stood out, those being the Green Maeng Da, Gold Maeng Da, and White Piasak. The remainder were duds for us across three different people. The reds in particular were lackluster.

– Liza’s Botanicals – (***) – Long story short: Incredible price to quality ratio. What more can we say? One of us order through them almost exclusively. The only reason it sits in the three-star spectrum is because none of us get any effects from their red strains, and believe me, we’ve tried a lot of them. We highly recommend their white and green selections respectively, varying your personal preferences.

– PA Botanicals – (***) – a MASSIVE underdog on this list, its a wonder how this vendor remains pretty unknown. Price to quality ratio is reasonable, quality is MUCH better than anticipated. There’s not much else to be said. The only reason this vendor sits in the three-star realm is because the price to quality ratio doesn’t *quite* compare to that of others on the list, but it stands out as a pretty unknown, but promising and solid vendor.

– Beleafer Kratom – (***) – A newer entry to this list, Beleafer is an underdog in comparison to other vendors on this list. We haven’t seen much from these guys, but were very excited to give them a try. We were particularly impressed with their White and Green strains, both of which provided excellent effects and promising experiences. Overall, we recommend Beleafer to new users and users of Kratom that are simply looking for a new vendor. We highly recommend their White Horn and Green Malay respectively.

– Smiley Time Herbals – (***) – UPDATED: Smiley Time Herbals once stood in the five-star section of our list, and that’s not to say that they aren’t an extremely solid vendor, the issue is actually a consistency problem. Upon our initial review, we were a bit ignorant to the concept of batch numbers and what exactly they mean in terms of consistency. Having learned more, and discovered that STH doesn’t provide batch numbers, this raises the issue of consistency. Given that this is a price to quality list, we have to keep in mind the users from low-income households and their needs. Having no idea what batch you’re getting, means that every purchase you make is a gamble in terms of what you’re getting quality wise. Smiley Time has some of the best product on this list (Blue Flame, Silver Smile, and Pink Bali come to mind), but until the issue of batch numbers is remedied, we unfortunately cannot place them higher on the list.

– Leaf of Life – (***) – I personally order through Leaf of Life very regularly, largely because of their 4oz sample option. I’ve never received a product from Leaf of Life that was a dud. Their extracts are on point, product is very promising, and they always hook you up with a sample of a product you’re interested in when asked. They’ve been a vendor in the industry for years now, the owner is a user in and of himself, and per his own words ”I’ll never sell a product that doesn’t effect me personally”. This all in mind, Leaf of Life is a vendor I’d recommend to any and all people new to Kratom, starting with their Pink Maeng Da strain specifically. The only – and I mean ONLY reason – that they aren’t sitting in the four star section is simply because the remaining vendors have them beat in overall price to quality ratio. They are still among my top recommendations.

– Northeast Botanicals – (***) – We were recommended to try NEB by another vendor on this list, and we are very happy to say we did. They are still an up and coming vendor, but can definitely hold their own in terms of quality. We were particularly impressed with the Yellow Vietnam and Super Green, the Yellow specifically is honestly some of the best we have ever tried. We highly recommend NEB for new users to kratom as whole.

– Oties Botanicals – (***) – We refer to Oties as ”The Green Kings” as we have yet to try a single green from them that wasn’t absolutely incredible. Every time we order through Oties, we make sure to include a green. We initially listed Oties as a lower three-star vendor but given some changes to their pricing and a massive spike in their quality in terms of their white and red strains, they’ve skyrocketed straight to the top of the three star section. We’re very excited to see where Otie’s goes next, and overall, we recommend them very much to new and old users of kratom alike that are looking for their next favorite green.


– Overseas Organix – (****) – You may be wondering ”how does the most expensive vendor make it so close to the top of a price to quality ratio list?” Well, this is actually the only vendor where the QUALITY of the product overshadows the price. It is truly SO top tier, that the price becomes redundant. That sounds corny, I get it, but don’t disagree until you’ve tried it. We all love to save cash, but sometimes, it’s worth spending. In the case of Overseas Organix, its absolutely worth it. There isn’t much more to be said of it. Absolutely solid quality, and for what its worth, the only reason it sits in the four-star section is the price, but regardless of that it is still a solid four-star vendor we couldn’t recommend more.

– Sakti Botanicals – (****) – One of the newer vendors on this list, and interestingly enough having the smallest selection – Sakti is an absolute underdog in the Kratom community and deserves SO much more recognition. They have some of the absolute best quality Kratom we have tried in our time using it, and it is beyond the quality and potency of most of the vendors on this list. Our personal favorite of theirs is the White Borneo, but the Green Maeng Da and Red Borneo are solid in their own rights! They also offer a free sampler for first time buyers, and the price to quality really stands out as well. Overall, we couldn’t recommend Sakti more!

– MitraMike – (****) – MitraMike is not only an absolute sweetheart, but his leaf stands amongst the best we’ve tried. In terms of service, Mike is extremely accommodating and more than willing to assist you in finding the best leaf for your needs. The quality of his leaf is also extremely promising, standing alongside the majority of the best leaf we’ve personally tried. We especially recommend his Deep Forest White and Pink Panthra. If extracts are more your flavor – Mike is the absolute king of extracts, providing some of the best quality extracts we’ve tried. Overall, Mike is an incredible vendor well worth your time and next purchase.

– Your Leaf Your Life (Philly Kratom) – (****) – Philly Kratom is another one of those vendors that you just have to try to understand. Both of their sampler options are solid, all of their product is of good quality, and their extracts are homemade and are extremely promising. The reason this vendor sits in the four-star spectrum is their shipping options, but spend $50 it becomes free. It’s a toss up. We as a group promise you that the purchase will be worth it. We particularly recommend their White Sumatra and Green Kali.

– Gulf Coast Kratom – (****) – We have seen these guys mentioned time and time again all across the community, so inevitably, we had to give them a shot. We were not disappointed in any way, in fact, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the quality absolutely lived up to all of the hype. We really, really enjoyed the Super Green and Super White, and will be including them in our regular rotations going forward. We highly recommend GCK to any and all users of kratom as a whole. Between their more than reasonable prices and the overall quality of their product, Gulf Coast stands mightily at the top of our four star spectrum.

FIVE STAR (*****) – Have you ever tried raw kratom leaf grown right here in the USA? Let us tell you – it is truly an incredible experience. It is unlike anything we’ve ever tried before, and Kratomleaf offers a solid deal in terms of raw leaf purchases. There’s a very – very – significant difference between raw leaf and powder, and we think it is something that every kratom consumer should try at some point or another. We really cannot speak to it enough, as it is among our absolute favorite experiences we have ever had with this plant.

– Lucky Herbals – (*****) – After very much anticipation and patience, we finally managed to get our hands on some Lucky Herbals product, and let us say now that the hype is extremely valid. Lucky’s has, bar none, some of the best product on this list all across the board. From their whites, to their greens, to their yellows – everything we’ve tried from Lucky’s has been profoundly promising and is absolutely next level. The only real downside to Lucky Herbals is that it is a members only site, but we highly recommend you sign up when the opportunity becomes available. You will not regret it.

– Okie Kratom – (*****) – If you didn’t expect to see Okie on this list, we don’t know what to say. Bar none the BEST price to quality ratio on this list, and the product stands alongside the best quality. We’re never disappointed when it comes to Okies, we have only ever received one dud from them (Dr. Feelgood), and they were very quick to send us a replacement oz of their Green Malay, which for months now has been one of our collective favorites. Given the prices and superior quality, Okie is among our TOP recommendations for first time buyers.


– Klover Botanicals – (x) – The thing about Klover is we were only able to obtain a few samples via Reddit, but their website flags on all browsers. From what we tried, the product is actually very decent, particularly the White Borneo. Good quality product, little to no complaints, but due to our inability to purchase more product for fair review, we must leave this vendor unrated.

– Element Kratom – (x) – Element is a kratom supplier local to Pennsylvania and can only be found in certain areas and certain shops. The thing with these guys is that they are actually extremely good quality, all across the board. However, limited purchase options and refusal to allow buyers to purchase apart from select shops, means we can’t really recommend them to anybody outside of our local area, which is counterintuitive to the point of this thread. Therefore, we must list them as unrated on this updated list.

If you have a vendor recommendation for us, please comment below and we will update this thread as we go. We have several other vendor reviews coming. Don’t turn this review into debate/ad hominem laced thread. We will laugh and continue sipping our tea. Thanks for reading!

~ This list will be updated periodically to reflect changes in vendor reviews. We will not always announce an edit unless it is a substantial change – this list can be altered at any time. A few of these vendor reviews were based off of one shipment samples – not multiple batches. There are a few vendors on here that we currently have (or plan to have) new orders coming from in order to reassess our reviews, or simply because we’ve been convinced to try them once more. Nothing here is a permanent indication of our opinions as enthusiasts. If you disagree with a rating, let us know who and why, and we will be sure to give them another shot 🙂 ~a

Review of on reddit


– (*****) – Have you ever tried raw kratom leaf grown right here in the USA? Let us tell you – it is truly an incredible experience. It is unlike anything we’ve ever tried before, and Kratomleaf offers a solid deal in terms of raw leaf purchases. There’s a very – very – significant difference between raw leaf and powder, and we think it is something that every kratom consumer should try at some point or another. We really cannot speak to it enough, as it is among our absolute favorite experiences we have ever had with this plant.

Customer order of Rooted and Unrooted Kratom Cuttings

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Customer order of rooted kratom cuttings unrooted kratom cuttings

Customer order of Rooted and Unrooted Kratom Cuttings

Customer order of Rooted and Unrooted Kratom Cuttings – Got my package today 🙂  Everything looks great!  Super happy with my purchase.  Thanks again for all your help! – Ryan Marek

Customer order of rooted kratom cuttings unrooted kratom cuttings

Customer order of Rooted and Unrooted Kratom Cuttings

Kratomleaf Review


Kratomleaf Review

Kratomleaf Review from thekratomreview

Over the last few days we had the privilege of trying something very different – raw kratom leaf from It was truly an interesting experience that we would recommend all consumers of Kratom try.

Raw Leaf – 1 Leaf, Honey/Sugar sprinkle
  • Euphoric

  • Energetic

  • Uplifting

  • Focus

Duration: 3.5 hours

Notes: The first thing you notice is that your mouth goes slightly numb. The flavor is very rough, especially without honey or sugar. The aim is to chew the leaf into a fine paste and try to maintain chewing for at least 10 minutes. The effects start with a warm, glowing wave that goes head to toe, and is much, much more significant than a standard dose of tea. Within a half hour, you start to really feel the effects, those being euphoria, and an almost.. tingly? energy. Admittedly, the first ones we chewed were a bit overwhelming, but when we split the leaf in two and chewed both halves in a sequence, we found an extremely uplifting experience that we could not recommend more. Our mental and physical ailments (anxiety, bad joints, etc) came to pass, and for a solid 3 hours we felt the glow and uplifting nature of kratom that we all know and love in a purely natural sense.

We do very much suggest that if you’re new to kratom, this experience may be a bit heavy for you, so maybe this isn’t the best idea for people coming into the kratom community initially. That being said, we highly recommend that everybody with experience in Kratom use give raw leaf a try. It will really put it all into perspective, and there’s something to be said of the pure, unadulterated experience that it provides.

Overall, we are not only grateful for the experience, but we are profoundly in love with it, and definitely plan to make it a monthly part of our cycle. We want to thank Kratomleaf specifically for just handing us this opportunity out of the kindness of their hearts. We are beyond thankful.

Score: ***

Exceptional quality (KozyKratom)

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This vendor supplies great kratom that never disappoints. If there happens to be an issue the fantastic customer service will be sure to take care of it. I highly recommend kozykratom
Adrian Dimmitt 

Small_weiner_man reddit reveiw of kratomleaf.u


Small_weiner_man reddit reveiw of

Oh fair enough. I realize im going to sound like a shill here lol but whatever: I just got around to trying some premium MD I ordered on a whim months ago, its absolutely insane. I cant remember if it was the red or white, but OP I would recommend. I was on a thread where they were talking about fresh leaf and just saw you recommended the premium MD to another person and just ordered some on for giggles. Do you guys balance those out with extracts or anything (I have no qualms im just genuinely curious). I’ve never had kratom like yours, it smells almost floral and has like no bitter taste. My normal dose is like 1.5g but I’ve been toying with .75 on your strain.

what would you recommend for re-order when I run out? I’ve never heard of “pink” strains before and that looks interesting.