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Rooted Kratom Cutting Documentation

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Packaged Rooted Kratom cutting ready to ship across the us

Rooted Kratom Cutting

Our lush cuttings come from our American nursery.   We treat all of our tea cuttings with the love and care they deserve. Our cuttings come from fully established fully mature 5 – 11 year old trees. You can try the leaf from the trees your very cutting came from right now.

Some things to mention about a Kratom Cutting

Something to keep in mind is it is important to not grow these plants like other types of plants. For example these are not tomatoes and will not thrive in the same conditions tomatoes grow in. These Kratom cuttings are rain forest trees. Kratom trees require high heat, high humidity, and lots of water. Please do your research and ask questions. A great resource to use is our #kratomAPP KratomWatchDog. 

One of our customers  did a walk through on how to root kratom cuttings we recommend you check it out.

Here is a fertilizing recommendation write up one of our customers posted on kratomwatchdog. 

Kratom Cuttings

How long does it take for a kratom cutting to mature?

A Kratom cutting can take any about 5 years to mature. Although current research has been showing that kratom trees actually start to produce mitragynan when they are little cuttings just the amount of mytragynan is so low that is noticeable.

Kratom Vein Colors

The color of a kratom vein are determined by the content of mytrogynan (alkaloids) in the vein. The purpose of producing mytrogynan is to protect the tree from insects and animals from eating the leaf. Its also a stress mechanism. The mytrogynan is why the leaf is so bitter and correlates to strength. Strength also correlates to how mature the leaf is. The more mature the leaf the stronger it will be. When mature leaves mature the alkaloids are sucked back into the tree thru the veins. These leaves will look more yellow. The Kratom Bible is also available here on the #kratomAPP

kratom cutting

The more alkaloids in the vein. The more red the vein will be. Purple at the high end of alkaloids. White at the low end of alkaloids. It is possible to see all vein colors grow at the same time on the same tree. (pink,red, purple) more near the bottom as that is where they have roots as that’s where most of the nutrients are. Up the tree will be more (greens and whites). They start getting more color variation the larger they get.

How to ship Rooted Kratom Plants – USA

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Packaged Rooted Kratom cutting ready to ship across the us

How to ship Rooted Kratom Plants

How to ship Rooted Kratom Plants

It is not hard to ship plants in the mail. In this video below we show you how to ship rooted kratom plants in the mail. First you start by prepping your shipping container. A good easy way is to use large two liter soda bottles. Cut the soda bottles in half and place the base of your rooted kratom plant in the bottom of the soda bottle. It is best to add some lightly damp to dry paper towel to the bottom to add as padding around the base. Next tape in your cutting with packing tape along the top of the cut in half soda bottle and top of your cuttings pot. Add tape till you cover the soil completely, but remember to leave room for the stem. Next you will add the top of the soda bottle to create a protective shell to protect the top of the plant. Tape up both halves of the soda bottle with packing tape to seal them together. Now you are all set to ship these cuttings in the mail.