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Can horses take kratom? – Kratom for Horses

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Oliver Wendell Douglas kratom horse

Can horses take kratom? – Kratom for Horses

Can horses take kratom? – Have you met a kratom horse? Recently I spoke with Oliver Wendell Douglas and his kratom horse. Mr. Douglas says that his horse was in great pain, suffering from Laminitis (also termed founder) is inflammation of the laminae of the foot – the soft tissue structures that attach the coffin or pedal bone of the foot to the hoof wall. … Once a horse has had an episode of laminitis, they are particularly susceptible to future episodes.

“My little mini, only had him a year…Vet said if he didn’t improve we should humanely euthanize him. I wanted to do everything possible to prevent that. I’ve had 4 major back surgeries and was seriously addicted to opiates until I found kratom”.

Can horses take kratom? -kratom horse Fonder

Kratom For Horses

Mr. Douglas, a avid kratom user and began giving it to his horse. “I gave it to him twice a day. I add 9 grams of powder sprinkled over his feed.” Mr. Douglas was unsure of dosages but ” figured I’d give him what I take and see how that went. I’ll definitely be treating him when the time comes. I know kratom saved me too! I had no idea if it would work or how much to give but had to try something”

“He was laying down way too much and not very active. I gave him a dose around 7am and he was out in the field walking around and grazing before noon.” His horse a dose every breakfast and dinner. Mr. Douglas says he sees “No noticeable difference in anything except activity. He likes kratom better than crushed ibuprofen… I even bought him boots for 200 a pair so I’m doing everything I can. I also have a 9 year old Rottweiler who’s starting to slow down. Can’t imagine losing him but will do anything too keep him out of pain.”

Can horses take kratom? - Kratom for Horses