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Kratom Turning Black With Spots of Mold

Hi, there!

I got my first kratom tree this year, she was quite small when I got her. She was very healthy. I'm in the Southern hemisphere in South Africa and we are now in the middle of winter where we have an average of 7 celsius. I originally had her growing in a small greenhouse tent and things were going great, but it is now way too windy and had to remove her from it. Her leaves started falling off which I attribute to the drop in humidity. The scary part is that the top part is going black. There are spots of fuzzy mould on her, I have no idea what type it is or if its what is causing the damage. I have now snipped off most of the black part which I perceived to be dead.

Can someone please advise what to do? Should I bring her at night? Should I spray with hydrogen peroxide? Should I cut off more?

Thanks in advance!