Planting flowering 10ft tall kratom tree

Planting flowering 10ft tall kratom tree, the lady I picked it up from was so surprised to see my car pull up she thought I’d be a farmer with a big pickup truck. I show up looking like a nerd with a Impala and hoping for the best. This is how I transported the trees. It wasnt easy I’ll be making the other videos available as well. They were extremely heavy to say the least although there wasnt very much damage to them. Took me about 5 hours to drive back to the nursery. The tree on top of the car was getting hit by 65 mile a hour winds. It was a good thing that we wrapped up the tree in a large camoflage tarp. This helped protect the tree while in transport and did a much better job then I think it was going too.

Whats new with this tree?

At this time of writing this the tree has 1 fertalized flower that is exposed. We were feeling the limbs of the trees and found that it also producing new seed pods! This is just a few weeks after planting! Im not sure how fertile these pods are going to become. But only time will tell how well they do.

However this was a fantastic find and a great addition to the nursery. As of now, we have 3 different geneticly varient trees that are producing seed pods. We will begin to cross breed with this new type of tree. We will specifically will be keeping a close eye on this tree and will be updating the community as the tree develops. However for up to the minute news on this tree keep your eye on our #kraomapp KratomWatchDog as that is where we will post all of our content on this tree. We have also included it in our #kratomproject where we track every interaction that we have with the kratom nursery.

If you enjoy content like this you should check out the #kratomapp KratomWatchDog. Here is the original post to the #kratomapp KratomWatchDog.


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Planting flowering 10ft tall kratom tree